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Second Episode December 3rd @ 4pm CST

Live Chat During Episodes

Join us in the Memes of Production chatroom on Telegram to chat with other listeners during the live show. Mention @deicidus (Anders) or @postmaster_ford_lincoln_mercury (Zummi) to ask us questions during the show, we will try to keep an eye on the chatroom and take a few questions.

About the Podcast

The Memes of Production is a podcast hosted by Zummi (/u/zummi) and Anders (/u/raisondecalcul).

Episode 2, “Enantiodromia”

In this episode, zummi and raison will discuss enantiodromia, a dialectical phenomenon where things become so extreme that they become their own opposite. Related topics include the return to myth and accelerationism as the meta-myth of our times. Following up on a question from last week on the experience of enlightenment, raison will discuss his research in sapience & initiatics. We will also continue discussing Holochain and the upcoming Holo crowdfund, which launches two days after the episode.

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